Pool Plumbing

We can help you by identifying plumbing problems and recommend the best course of action for repair. We offer an on-site repair service to all forms of pool plumbing, new pipe runs, relocation of pool equipment, re-plumbing existing pool systems, leak detection and location.

Pool Lighting

We can assist by diagnosing lighting problems and offer repair or replacement options. We can advise on the latest technology in pool lighting. Our premier supplier is Aquaquip as we find these lights to be the best quality in the industry. Variable voltage LED lighting technology is now available & in many cases the pool lights can be changed without draining the pool or changing the transformer.

Equipment Repair & Replacement

We offer a comprehensive repair/replacement service for all your pool equipment including all types of pumps, filters, saltwater chlorinators, chemical dosing chlorinators, suction, pressure side & robotic cleaners, controllers, spa blowers, water features & auto levelling devices. We take pride in advising customers about the most effective use of their equipment.

Supply & Install Pool Equipment

As a totally independent pool maintenance company, you can be assured that we will provide you with the best quality equipment to complement your existing or new setup. We can guide you in your equipment choices to ensure the most reliable brands with the best warranties are selected. We can assess your current equipment setup and offer a professional installation service should you decide to replace your existing equipment.

Pool Heating

We provide all forms of heating for your pool. With access to the best products available through our major suppliers we can advise on the best type of heating for your application. Whether you are looking at gas heaters, electric heat-pumps, inverter style heat pumps or solar systems, we will guide you through to ensure your final decision is the best suited for your needs.

Troubleshooting Problems

With over 13 years of experience in the pool care industry, we can quickly diagnose issues with your pool system. Every pool & equipment setup is very different, SR Pools technicians have the knowledge and training to identify & resolve problems whilst being mindful of our customers’ expectations.

Chemical Testing and Balancing

Correct water balance is critical to efficient running of your pool. We offer on-site water testing covering the full spectrum of chemical tests. Based on test results we can offer a customised chemical regime to get the best out of your pool. SR Pools prides itself on using the most up to date computerised water testing available in today’s market.

Green Pool Recovery

From time to time, we encounter the dreaded “green pool”, normally caused through equipment failure or poor chemical balance in the water. We can chemically treat green pools to restore them to their former condition and clarity. If the pool has been green for an extended period of time, and chemically treating is not an option, we can, drain, chlorine wash, pressure wash, acid wash (if necessary), refill and re-balance. During this service your pool system will be thoroughly checked to ensure no further problems exist.

Maintenance Programs

Pool Orientations

Are you a new pool owner? Not sure what to do?

SR Pools has a comprehensive orientation service for new pool owners. Let our technicians explain your pool system and how to get the best out of it. We will talk you through chemical dosing of your pool without confusing you with chemical jargon. Feel more comfortable using your pool system & knowing you are following the right procedures to ensure a healthy environment for your family to swim in.

Pool Inspections

Buying a home with a pool?

SR Pools offers a thorough pool inspection and reporting service. Pool equipment can be very expensive and knowing the state of your pool equipment can save you thousands.

Robotic Cleaners

Did you know that SR Pools is an Authorised Maytronics Elite Dealer. This allows access to the best Robotic Cleaners in Australia.

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Pool & Spa Chemicals

We only use the finest pool chemicals and products when carrying out professional pool maintenance. Choosing the right chemicals is critical for your efficient pool maintenance program. Over the years, we have tested and used chemicals from a wide range of suppliers. The outcome of this experience has led us to use the best quality products that represent good value for money. SR Pools is an Authorised Retailer of our major chemical supplier, Bioguard.